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DME® type Power Cables 12/8/5 Zones

DME® type Power Cables 12/8/5 Zones

Selection Chart:

10-Foot 15-Foot
12-Zones PSCT-2512-10 PSCT-2512-15 PSCT-2512-20
8-Zones PSCT-2508-10 PSCT-2508-15 PSCT-2508-20
5-Zones PSCT-2505-10 PSCT-2505-15 PSCT-2505-20

Note: with this type of cable, 5, 8, & 12 Zone Versions use
the same connector with less pins installed on 5 & 8 Zone.
You can use a 12-Zone cable for all three applications and
reduce your in-house cable inventory.

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