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Kongskilde can offer a wide programme of cyclones designed for the Kongskilde OK pipe systems. The IC-SC-UC-RC cyclones are designed as suction and outlet cyclones for pneumatic conveying and for separation of dust from air. The range of cyclones can handle volumes up to 5,500 m³/h (3,300 cfm). Please consult Kongskilde for detailed specifications.

The Kongskilde KM20-180 cyclones are designed for separation of dust and particles from air. The KM range of cyclones can handle volumes from 1000 m³/h (590 cfm) to 35000 m³/h (20000 cfm). The KM20-180 cyclones are made of 2mm and 3mm steel plate. The cyclones are of an all-welded construction and afterwards painted grey. Various outlet transitions are available on request.

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