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PC/LED Lampshape

With the LED lighting, can produces 1/2 round or 3/4 round LEC cover.
LED lampshade is one of LED accessories, it is used for gather light better, make the light more centralized.
Milky white lampshade is mainly used to make the light more gentle, and more uniform to divergent, and won’t produce dazzling condition, protect your eyes, also make the lamps and lanterns is more suitable to its function. And the light transmittance must be within a certain range, cannot make light in the lampshade waste too much, also to be able to make the light scattering to each space through lampshade. The best condition is can’t see internal light bead, also make the light maximum spread out.
At present, main raw material of LED lampshade is PC polycarbonate, this material has excellent weather resistance, resistance to deformation performance and good light transmittance.
The production line includesDehumidification drying system, high efficiency single screw extruder, calibration table, haul off, precise cutter, the screw and barrel adopts Japan technology is designed for PC material process.

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