DS Duststrom

Kongskilde has a range of filters, ranging from extraction from a single machine using a portable vacuum cleaner to traditional modular filter solutions and advanced round, welded filters and blower filters.

RVS/KS Rotating Separators

Using the Kongskilde MultiSeparator range of RVS separators enables the removal by suction of small sized waste material from production lines involved in the manufacture of packaging material. The RVS separator separates light material from the suction line air stream. The RVS MultiSeparators is particularly suitable for installations where a strong suction effect is essential. […]

KPC Guillotine Cutter

The Kongskilde KPC guillotine-cutting device is designed to work with continuous vacuum and has no pressure loss on the suction side when it is cutting. The cutter is built to be an alternative to rotating cutters that cuts the material into small pieces, generates a lot of dust and has a high noise level. With […]

KG Incline Granulator

The Kongskilde Inline Granulator KG has been developed specifically to granulate plastic foil and, thereby, enable process waste to be reclaimed and reintroduced into the production process. Typical applications are in connection with film blowing machines and extruders. When using the Inline Granulator, the risk of material contamination is reduced. The process waste is cut […]

MC 3000 – 5000 Cutters

The MC 3000/MC 5000 is installed in a pipe system in connection with either paper and printing press machinery or post-processing machinery, material is either endless paper trims and trims from cardboard or plastic film. The MC 3000/MC 5000 consists of a fixed and a rotating set of blades driven by a direct-coupled motor. The […]

Pick-up Pipes

The Kongskilde Multi Suction Head offers a flexible solution for efficient trim extraction in the paper and plastic converting industries. The Multi Suction Head ensures easy adjustment of the pick-up points where suction of waste trims directly from the production machine is required. The Multi Suction Head is available in both OK 100 and OK […]

Coated Pipes

The problem for normal transport systems is that the adhesive material can stick to the inside of the transport system. With the anti-sticky pipe system (tube system) from Kongskilde it is possible to transport adhesive material through a pneumatic conveying system.

ITF Venturi

The Inline Venturi system utilises Kongskilde’s standard modular pneumatic conveying components to transfer process waste (edge trims) and light materials. The system is characterised by its ability to convey the product through a duct without the product coming into contact with any moving parts. The Kongskilde ITF Inline Venturi system is suitable for conveying continuous […]

STS Static Separators

The Kongskilde STS separator is designed for pneumatic conveying systems in the paper, plastic and packaging industries. The STS separator is placed at the discharge end of the conveying system, which could be a stationary compactor or a container. With the STS separator only a minimum volume of air is discharged together with the conveyed […]

FK Stainless Steel Pipes

The Kongskilde stainless steel pipe components (tube components) are ideal for pneumatic conveying or other types of evacuation systems based on conveying by air. The simple and flexible pipe systems may be adjusted to suit any specific purpose resulting in efficient and economical solutions. A wide range of pipe components in diameters Ø80, Ø100, Ø140, […]

FK Pipes

The Kongskilde FK pipe systems (tube systems) are ideal for ventilation and pneumatic conveying. The simple and flexible pipe systems may be adjusted to suit any specific purpose, resulting in shorter distances and, therefore, the most efficient and economical solutions. The FK pipe system is available in different diameters from 60 mm to 800 mm. […]

KIV Venturi

The Kongskilde Inline Venturi (KIV) system is very suitable for the conveying of continuous edge trim and off-cuts. The improved suction allows the material to be conveyed over considerable distances without coming into contact with any moving parts. This ensures high system reliability. The Kongskilde Inline Venturi system is also a valuable solution for the […]